SoBol Operations

Our operations are simple, focused and repeatable. We thrive for the highest quality of service when getting your store up and operating.

Since its early beginnings in 2012, SoBol has created a culture of open communication between customers, employees, management and franchisees. Our goal is to create a clear system making sure everyone involved with SoBol has a complete understanding of what the processes are when working with SoBol.

In order to achieve this goal and maintain our company culture, we have taken the proper steps to ensure all SoBol stores are run to their maximum potential. Our franchise staff is here to guide you through the franchising processes. You will have SoBol professionals to help successfully and profitably run your store.

This includes:

  • Initial sign-up
  • Build-out
  • Inventory
  • Training
  • In-store assistance
  • Marketing
  • Professional consultation

We hold the recipe for success.

  • Our plans and guidance have proven to be successful with SoBol’s flagship store, along with franchised locations. We have taken the time to create a proper foundation for each store to run at its best ability. When joining SoBol, you will have access to these steps, so you are  not starting from scratch.

Meet The SoBol Franchise Team!

At SoBol we work as a family. Our SoBol team members are experts in everything acai and are fully equipped to help you run your own store at its maximum potential. We strive for nothing but the best product and customer service at every SoBol location. Our crew is here to service you every step of the way to ensure the success of your SoBol store.

Jason MazzaroneFounder/CEO
Jim KalomirisCo-Founder/COO
Paul GucciardoBrand President/Director of Operations
Robin GrafBrand Vice President/Director of Franchise Sales
Nick PeskoDirector of Marketing
Victoria SchmidtDirector of Finance
Billy LutchaCorporate Training & Development
Kayla DaddarioCorporate Training & Development
Rickey StueberCorporate Training and Development
Bill MeindlProject Management