Alyssa Sullivan

Current Corporate Team Member

2 June 2020


Whether you live a vegan, vegetarian, gluten free or nut free lifestyle, SoBol has you covered! Founded back in 2013, SoBol is a cafe that specializes in acai bowls, fruit smoothies and more. With a wide variety of options for its customers, SoBol is able to stand out from its competitors. Being vegan and gluten free myself, I never have many food options when it comes to eating out. I discovered SoBol a year after it opened and I soon became addicted to their acai bowls. The only issue was that it was 45 minutes from my house… Tragic, I know. After spending an embarrassing amount of money and traveling across Long Island more times than I’d like to admit, a location finally opened up in my town!

What I can definitely tell you is the obvious… This was a huge blessing for anyone, let alone someone like me. However, I can’t lie and say this wasn’t also one of the more unfortunate things to happen to my bank account. But hey, at least my car was feeling some relief, right?! Due to my background in Culinary Arts and love for the health food industry, I decided to apply to SoBol and was lucky enough to start a job there. Rather than letting my taste buds do the work, I was able to put myself to the test and explore this company as a whole.

I was pleased and impressed to see the overall impeccable quality of the food served, and was able to recognize how fresh everything was behind closed doors. The store was maintained incredibly well and the company was always trying to find new ways to accommodate their customers. The first thing I learned to admire was the fact that Sobol loves to support small businesses on Long Island. Our nut butters, many of the snacks that we sell in store, some of our drinks and so on, are all locally sourced! Fortunately, SoBol has had tremendous growth and had the opportunity to open upwards of 41 locations all over the country. Although extremely successful, SoBol recognizes the importance of supporting local businesses that are starting off just as they were seven years ago.

If you haven’t yet, be sure to head to your local SoBol to see what the hype is all about! I can undoubtedly say that my experience on both ends of SoBol significantly exceeded my expectations. I’m forever grateful to be a part of this family.