Ridgefield Couple Opens Second Location for SoBol in Connecticut

Husband-wife duo Melissa and Sergio Ferreira welcomed the first SoBol to Ridgefield, Connecticut on Tuesday, July 24. The Ridgefield Patch reported the Ferreira’s location marks the second shop in the state for the health-focused franchise concept.
The Ferreiras became familiar with SoBol through Sergio’s work as a contractor as he facilitated the construction for the brand’s locations in New York and Connecticut. After learning more about SoBol’s nutritious menu items and fitness-forward mentality, he and Melissa found it to be a perfect fit for themselves and the Ridgefield community.
“I think Ridgefield is a community that is health-conscious. We do like to indulge occasionally, but we also like to find balance. We have a beautiful Main Street where people are just running all the time, and SoBol is a great pre- or post-workout meal, not too heavy, not too light,” Melissa told the Ridgefield Patch.
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