How often do you have time out of your busy work schedule to sit down and enjoy a meal?

In today’s technology-driven world we all have places to be and people to see. This is why there’s been an on-going shift of people who choose to grab-and-go food options instead of taking the time to dine-in. SoBol is a prime example of a fast-casual restaurant that has taken notice of this lifestyle shift and built a business model that embraces it.

SoBol is a successful example of the ‘grab-and-go’ model because we always stress the importance of speed, convenience and consistency,” said Paul Gucciardo, Director of Franchise Operations at SoBol.

With a smaller menu and a focus on fewer, simpler ingredients, SoBol is built for speed and efficiency. Their main focus is to get their customers a quick and healthy meal that will help fuel them for the rest of their day.

“It varies by location, but I’d say about 70-80% of our customers choose to carry out rather than dine in,” explained Gucciardo.

Each SoBol location is also compact in size, with only 15 seats or less. Due to the smaller store size, SoBol is able to fit into busy downtown locations like Philadelphia, which opened on April 17th. Gucciardo noted that their downtown locations generally fill more on-the-go orders because the brand fits in with consumer’s busy lifestyle. SoBol’s convenience is definitely a huge factor to their carry-out success, but they also offer something that a lot of fast-casual restaurants don’t—healthier food.

“Our healthier alternatives definitely give us a unique position in the market,” Gucciardo added.

SoBol’s menu mainly consists of Açai Bowls, Pitaya Bowls and smoothies—all healthy options all made with simple, fresh ingredients.

Another modern restaurant trend that SoBol is embracing is online ordering.

“We’ll be rolling out online ordering across the entire SoBol brand within the next few weeks that we are really excited about,” Gucciardo exclaimed.

The online ordering trend has gained a lot of momentum within fast casual dining and it definitely helps embrace the carry-out model.

Gucciardo was confident that the new online ordering will boost SoBol sales and make a lot of current customers very happy with the newly added convenience.

SoBol is a prime example of how fast casual restaurants can embrace the changing trends in dining to help boost their business. They build a business model that fits into the modern consumer’s life and also offers a unique alternative to what others are offering.

SoBol is looking to change the face of what quick, on-the-go food can look like and they’re just getting started.

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