New Store Openings, Online Ordering, Rewards Programs and Beyond

SoBol has been expanding at a rapid rate. With 18 stores open and operating, it’s time to look at what’s happened so far in 2018 AND take a sneak peek into the future of SoBol. Not only are more stores continuing to open, but we have some pretty cool stuff within our stores for you to look forward to as well!

Let’s start with who has opened in 2018

With stores across Long Island popping up left and right, we’ve begun to expand the SoBol brand into new and exciting territories. So let’s circle back to the beginning of 2018.  We’ll start on January 3rd, 2018 with our first store opening off of Long Island in White Plains, New York. If you haven’t gotten the chance to check  out SoBol White Plains yet, they are in a beautiful store located directly next to Ralphs Italian Ices and Toxic Wings in White Plains. Since opening the store has been cranking out product left and right in the Westchester area.

Next, we shifted gears back to our roots and opened up the next SoBol in Islip,  just a few towns west from our flagship store in Sayville. Located only a few doors down from the famous Bubbas Burrito Bar, SoBol Islip has begun the acai takeover on main street in Islip. What used to be a Subway is now a SoBol and the Islip crew has been serving tons of our famous acai bowls, pitaya bowls and fruit smoothies from sunup to sundown since opening.

Just a week later our 18th location opened in a small village in Greenwich Connecticut. SoBol Cos Cob was a historical opening for the SoBol organization, marking our first ever SoBol outside of the state of New York. The beautiful town of Cos Cob has given us a warm welcome while the store has been flooded with local residents and students from surrounding schools enjoying SoBol product.  

Now, let’s look to the future.

We have several new openings on the way in all different areas that we are extremely excited to expand to and announce. On deck for opening is SoBol Mastic, SoBol Staten Island and SoBol Philadelphia. All three are unique in their own way making this a surreal time for the SoBol brand. With over 40 locations sold, more stores will be opening on Long Island and throughout the east coast. So keep your eyes peeled for a new SoBol near you!

But wait, there’s more!

While new store openings seem to be the hot topic within SoBol, there are plenty of new initiatives that we hope will get you excited about our growth. So let’s start with one of our newest rollouts to be here soon: ONLINE ORDERING!

Are you tired of waiting for your bowl? Do you have a large order that you don’t want to call in? With SoBol online ordering, these problems are soon to be solved. Online ordering will give you the power to place and pay for your favorite order from your smartphone, desktop or tablet within minutes. Once your order has been placed, just come into the participating SoBol location that you placed your order with, skip the line and pick up your order! Now that’s service we can all get behind.

While online ordering may change the way you experience SoBol, we’re not stopping there. Next on the list is our rewards program. With SoBol rewards, you can earn points every time you purchase your favorite meal at a participating SoBol location. Eating healthier food options is a good thing and you should be rewarded for the better food choices you make each day. Everytime you purchase a SoBol product, you will be awarded points that will eventually accumulate to SoBol vouchers, free giveaways, exclusive promotions and beyond!

Excited yet? We know we are! These new rollouts are just the tip of the iceberg with SoBol’s growth. Make sure to follow all of our amazing stores social media pages to stay up to date with what fun stuff is happening at a SoBol nearest you. Visit for location listings, menu items and more.


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