SoBol Sayville Celebrates it’s 3 Year Anniversary Today!

On November 20th 2014, Main Street in Sayville was introduced to the first SoBol in recorded history. The store, originally named “Super Bowls”, offered acai bowls, fruit smoothies, and Southern California food options to local Sayville residents. Since opening, SoBol has been a popular eatery in the Sayville community and has had a great journey expanding into a well known brand across Long Island and soon, regions across the East Coast.


While this is the three year anniversary of our flagship location, the story didn’t begin at this store. Ceo and Co-owner Jason Mazzarone began this business in his family’s Ice House in 2012 serving SoBol’s famous acai bowls and homemade granola. Not long after opening, he teamed up with Co-owner Jim Kalomiris, long time family friend and Sayville native, to move into their next location.


The two moved into the Washington Avenue Deli expanding their following of loyal customers who had a craving for their delicious acai bowls. While this location was a bit bigger, their stay at the deli was short lived. As demand grew, they were able to obtain their official flagship location in the heart of Sayville, where the real magic that is SoBol began.


After being open for a year and a half, the two knew it was time to expand. They opened their second corporate location in May of 2016 just a few towns over in Patchogue. Both Sayville and Patchogue were drawing crowds from across Long Island. This began the next phase of SoBol; franchising.


In December of 2016, SoBol officially opened its first franchise in Syosset, NY. This franchise sparked the fire of SoBol franchising as the SoBol family grew and continues to grow rapidly. Today there are currently 2 corporate stores and 11 franchised locations with many more on the way.


It has been a wonderful 3 years and we couldn’t be happier with the amazing family that has joined us on this great journey! We thank all of our staff, supporters and most importantly our loyal customers for supporting us in this exciting venture.

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