A Fresh Look

SoBol has been expanding tremendously over the past year. With nine locations open and over 30 locations sold in our first year of franchising, we felt it was time for a new look. We decided to revamp our website in-order to give users an exciting and fresh experience when searching us on the web. This website will continue to feed consumers with a nutritious balance of store information, menu updates and everything that is happening at SoBol.

Know Your Store

Our goal in each SoBol store is to make the customer experience as pleasant and convenient as possible. We took that motto and applied it to our website. At the new www.mysobol.com, each store location will have their own personalized page with their own pictures and their own offerings, so you know the ins-and-outs of each location before even stepping foot inside.

Don’t Work for us, Work with us

Ever thought about working with a SoBol? At SoBol, we don’t want you to work for us, we want you to work with us. We work as a family. Whether you are a team-member or a franchise owner, we all work together to produce the highest quality acai bowls with the best possible service. SoBol offers a number of job opportunities for those interested in joining a rapidly growing company. We offer opportunities in management, team membership and even owning your own SoBol. If you are interested in working with a SoBol store, visit www.mysobol.com/jobs/. Interested in owning a SoBol? Visit www.ownasobol.com and fill out a franchise application.

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